Richard Wilson: Now the actor

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From Photographer to Actor:

Dec 28th 2005:

I woke up sure.  I had always been an actor at heart.  As a child I played.  As I became an adult I became more and more intense about life....about injustice.  So I began.

In six months I set out to learn my new craft.  I worked with several student directors, helping them with there film projects.  My favorite, "The Man in Me" by Andres Sivori, helped me see that all I need to do was to keep hold of my dream.  I also was part of "Spiderman III", Datelines "The Bird Flu" as an extra.  Half a dozen photographers used me in there photo projects and commercial projects.  It has all been a learning experiance, one in which I wish to continue.

Future filmaker?

Now...I dream on.  There is a preliminary script.  I want to see my next vision on a short independent film.  It is the dark story of a young talented girl who's dreams were shattered because the world around her tore her soul from love, enveloped her in a fear that she would never aquire it.

It will be a very unpleasant black and white film and hopefully will make those who view it, feel some of her struggle, sorrow and pain.